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Jason McCarthy

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Full-Service Tree Design & Yardscape Services

Even if you do have a great yardscape design in mind, you may not know how to pull it off while staying within your budget. Here at TREES FOR HUMANITY in Loveland, Colorado, We provide efficient, top-of-the-line work. Before you know it, your yard will be completely transformed.

Your planted trees and shrubs will include backfill with a nutrient rich soil mixture and be well watered with a root stimulater. Tree stakes will also be included with your install. 

TREES FOR HUMANITY has created 4 easy design templates that are set in price. We call them YARD STAMPS. Imagine if you will a giant mystery box that contains everything you would need to plant and create your own yardscape around the greenery you chose. 3 stamps to fit your desired space and budget. All you'll need is about a half hour with me at your home to discuss your likes and reasons for your tree and shrubs. We can help you pick the perfect greenery and come up with the perfect design within that stamp. Each stamp will include 1 tree, and either 3, 2, or 1 shrub or grass, size depending, mulch and decoritive rocks placed how you see fit, or have us surprise you. 1 large stone placement comes with the largest stamp. And who ever said, I don't want my trees or designs to light up in the evening? Nobody! Solar lights also included. 2 per stamp except for the smaller two which will get 1.

Not only will your new Yard Stamp look stunning on the outside, you can rest assured that what was planted in the ground is well nourished to help establish its strong and healthy root base.

Plant. Grow. Thrive.
Tree In Yard

Example: Medium sized Yard Stamp

Includes 1 tree, 2 grasses or shrubs, mulch, deco rock, and 2 solar lights. This Stamp covers approximetly an 8X10 ft area. This being a simple design example. 

Each Yard Stamp is subject to change in shape and design according to your vision and our helpful advise.

World and Trees Carried By Hands

With Our Amazing Design Services, I Guarantee Quality & Satisfaction

I always get the job done right, so I guarantee our tree planting through to the next planting season. This also includes the shrubs and grass that are part of the design. In addition to my tree and shrub planting service, Also guaranteeing the design and my return if for any reason you find the design has failed your expectations. You will receive care instructions for your greenery, including literature regarding the watering and maintenance of your trees and shrubs. This helpful information will be relative to the history and life of the tree.

I provide a consultation to determine why you want a tree — for shade or for privacy. If you're looking for something that's low maintenance, I can suggest the perfect tree for you. If you have a specific tree or design in mind, we can discuss all of your options, taking your budget into consideration. TREES FOR HUMANITY will also discuss the size and placement of the tree. The right placement can provide some extra shade, helping to keep your house cool during the summer.

My tree planting service includes backfilling with nutrient-rich soil giving your tree what it needs to break up the soil and bust any clay that's in the way. TREES FOR HUMANITY also provides a good watering with a root nutrient that will feed your tree, allowing it to establish a healthy start and grow.

Warranty & pricing options


Trees and shrubs will be guaranteed 100% for 3 months from date of design installment; Vandalism, acts of god, or customer negligence void any warranty. NO REFUND OR RETURNS ON PLANT MATERIAL. Delivery and planting fees are not warranted. Please keep a copy of your original invoice. If at any point you feel that your tree or shrubs aren't doing so well, please contact me with those concerns immediately so that I can schedule a time to come visit and check out the scene. Your tree must be dead or at the point of no return in order for me to replace it. The combination of my planting knowledge and your acquired suggested care should ensure this to never happen.


Rocks and Mulch Options

TREES FOR HUMANITY offers various colors of pebbles, decorative rocks, and mulch. Our top-quality mulch will ensure your tree retain moisture and keep its beauty all season long.

We offer a wide range of decorative rock and mulch that will be sure to bring your design to the top of hot topics your nieghborhood!

You will be able to choose from many different styles of rock and mulch during your consultation.